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whats up everyone im back
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 Back AGAIN! AND BRINGIN people!!!!!

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Back AGAIN! AND BRINGIN people!!!!! Empty
PostSubject: Back AGAIN! AND BRINGIN people!!!!!   Back AGAIN! AND BRINGIN people!!!!! I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 29, 2011 4:57 pm

Hello my name is kastro51 i am an old member of battlescape (old= 1or 2 yrs) i have been playing different private servers and i fanally realize that battlescape is the most stabilized one annd the best to play in. SO i would like to know when is it going to be u again kuz their is this battlescape at palidino but it sucks you create your own items and amount and put your xp amount. In the end i ended up hating it, so now that i am coming back i cant i download the file and cant i use webclient cant cuz the java thing never starts so when is it going to be up and where's the link to download the file and plz answer this asap. AND BTW THE PPL IM BRINGIN ARE: RODRIGMAGNO7 RODDRAGON3 AND CARLOSMAGNO7 SO ILL BE EXPECTING SOME ANSWER Smile
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Back AGAIN! AND BRINGIN people!!!!!
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